Personal Trainer App

An app that helps personal trainers boost their business


Personal Trainer App

An app that helps personal trainers communicate with clients and create customizable training programs unique to each client.


Nis, Serbia

Services Provided

End-to-end custom app development

Dedicated Development Team

Symfony, React, React Native

About Personal Trainer App

The client, a public personality and bodybuilding and fitness guru, has years of experience in leading his clients through body transformations that they want. He has helped more than 3000 clients with personal training or online consultations. His programs cover customized training plans but also tailored diet plans.

Project Overview

The client had a “simple” problem. As a one-man enterprise, he was losing opportunities (and current clients) due to a lack of time. There was a constant need for him to dedicate more and more time to his client base, but he was against using additional human resources due to the personal touch approach to business that he built. He needed an IT solution that could not just support that business model but expand it as well.

Our Contribution

Through a Discovery Phase and with several workshops, we mapped a detailed customer journey, introduced the LEAN approach to it, and established the goals we could all agree upon. By leveraging the knowledge of our senior developers/system architects (and client domain knowledge and personal preferences) we detected that there were a lot of repetitive processes as well as great time dissipation in communication through an array of 3rd party messaging platforms. System Design Phase (SDP) helped us not just with defining MVP and future versioning, but utilizing our UX/UI experts to bring closer our platform vision to the non-technical client.

  • Provided solution comprised of 2 components, website and admin panel
  • Training Plan view, Diet Plan view and Progress view
  • Registration/Login
  • Questionnaire
  • Chat
  • User profile and Questionnaire modification panel
  • Payment
  • Live notes

Codeus knows what I need most of the time before I even put it into words. I was, as well, very impressed with them being able to gather domain knowledge swiftly by asking the right questions. They are good with knowing just how much of the transparency I need - keep me informed but not overwhelm me with the details.

Marko Stojanovic

Fitness Instructor, Self-Employed

The Result

The delivered platform allowed the client to reduce time spent on the communication, on-boarding process, and user maintenance, up to 70% Better time management, provided the client with enough time and newfound flexibility to almost double the number of clients in the first quartet of usage and extend customer retention by providing customizable training programs unique to each client.

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