Anyone can learn with the right learning tools



ABaCus and Kvikmat are platforms for high and elementary school students that support students' development by providing the best possible conditions to overcome their challenges.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Services Provided

Web Development, Custom Software Development

Code Refactoring, Performance Improvements

PHP, Symfony, React

About Abacus

Tibalo ApS is a Denmark-based company that specializes in educational applications. Their motto is: Everyone can learn math! Tribalo ApS is on a mission to make mathematics easier and more fun for both teachers and students by offering a more individual and time-efficient approach to teaching. Anyone can learn math with the right learning tools.

Project Overview

One in five high school students in Denmark fails their math exam. And even for many of the students who pass, there is a general sense that math is difficult. ABaCus and Kvikmat are learning platforms for high and elementary school students, which supports students' development through an adapted task progression and with opportunities for collaboration and peer feedback by providing students with the best possible conditions to overcome their challenges.


Our Contribution

Tibalo contacted us to leverage our PHP knowledge to help them stabilize and scale their learning platforms. The initial platform was made with an older PHP framework and could not support their needs. They had plans to expand their platform to other areas of education and potentially additional countries.

  • Code refactoring and upgrading the platform to the latest Symfony framework
  • Performance tuning and reworking of MySQL
  • Teacher platform
  • Student platform
  • High school environment
  • Elementary school environment
  • Task and template database
  • Communication platform
  • Payment system

The communication with the developers is great. We have bi-daily online meetings and everything is happening according to the schedule. In case of critical work the developers have been able to assist out of regular office hours and resolve the issues quickly.

Morten Jønsson

CEO, Tibalo Aps

The Result

Since most of the application was made in PHP, we upgraded the platform to the latest Symphony framework and refactored the code to reflect the latest development trends. We remediated an array of existing bugs. We introduced, as well, React and Typescript into Frontend to give them the needed flexibility. Reworked MySQL to get better performance and remove any latency. We upgraded the logging feature to include more providers, and change the payment process to Quick pay for better security. We did the overhaul of the whole platform to prepare it for the additional customers, new matter subjects, and potential expansion to other markets, and continued working on maintenance tasks and additional performance improvements.

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