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The CareCru platform automates an outdated, human-centric approach to managing the day to day functions of a successful practice. Using the CareCru platform and it’s intelligence reports, dental groups or individual practices can grow and more effectively manage themselves while drastically enhancing the patient experience.

Tech Stack: GraphQL, Jest, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, React

Levuro OTT Solution

Levuro OTT solution converts data into value for enterprises worldwide. It includes engagement marketing tools and unites TV, online and mobile to increase and enhance consumer interaction, motivating viewers to become responsive users. One of the most important features is White-label turnkey solution, reliable solution to implement a new multi-device digital strategy including data and monetization.

Tech Stack: AngularJS, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, RabbitMQ, Redis, Symfony

South pole

South Pole Group is the world’s biggest developer of emission reduction projects. Covering project and technology finance, data and advisory on sustainability risks and opportunities, as well as the development of environmental commodities such as carbon and renewable energy credits, it has become one of the leading providers of climate solutions.

Tech Stack: Laravel, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, React

Friend Fund

FriendFund is an innovative group travel and savings app that saves users change when they swipe their card. FriendFund helps users travel together by unlocking instant group discounts on trips. It takes the hassle out of group travel by helping users automate their savings and book a tour in one app.

Tech Stack: Lumen, PHP


Joiz was a private Swiss television station with content aimed at a younger target audience. We were working on development from the very beginning of the project and our work included new features development, performance tuning of the existing backend system in order to support more active players per server, as well as optimization of the existing PHP code.

Tech Stack: AngularJS, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, Symfony


Codeus created a software solution for facility management which successfully meets all the needs of managers in the business domain. On the one hand, it enables the manager to administer to the needs of all the tenants and their building, and on the other hand, to successfully handle and monitor all the inflow and outflow connected to that particular building.

Tech Stack: Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Symfony

Levuro Engage

Social media marketing solution that offers the tool to improve engagement and run efficient social media marketing campaigns. Some of the features include collaborative content creation, scheduling and templates, user-friendly video editor, total reach and analytics and influencer workflow.

Tech Stack: PHP, React, React Native, Redux, Symfony

Fitness App

An app that helps personal trainers communicate with clients and create customizable training programs unique to each client. It includes a workout database with demonstration videos, meal plans, goal progress tracking and other features that help a client-trainer relationship.

Tech Stack: PHP, React, Socket.io, Symfony


A culinary platform with the goal to make it easy for people to experience wonderful food in any major city as an alternative to dining out at a restaurant. HostnDine connects Chefs with people that want to Host dining events in their home and have Guests pay to book a reservation. The platform allows both the Chef and the Host to earn money doing what they enjoy.

Tech Stack: Laravel, PHP, Stripe


Slingo is an online single and multi-player game that combines elements of slots and bingo. We were hired as consultants to do architectural changes in a system with 8 million users. Performance tuning was one of the key tasks because it was required to optimize existing PHP and Java code in order to consume fewer hardware resources.

Tech Stack: Go, Java, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, Redis, SmartFox

Slingo Lottery Challange

Codeus found the best way to architect and refactor existing API for an old game with big user database active on daily basis, so that it can follow newly updated game logic, 3rd party logins for new and existing users while providing API points for simplified user sign-on from other Slingo games and games from Slingo partners.

Tech Stack: Go, Javascript, MySQL, PHP

Deliver App

DeliverApp is a one-stop solution for desktop application delivery process. It enables delivering app releases with ease, control over who gets the update and following usage metrics. Super detailed analytics of applications ensures all the intel needed for successful business planning. Our module for ElectronJS will ensure building and publishing process which is easier than ever.

Tech Stack: Electron, Express, Microservice Architecture, MongoDB, NodeJS, PostgreSQL, React

Ivy Framework

With an intuitive way of work, developing Ivy’s NodeJS applications is easy and fast. It provides a fluent interface that users love. Really high test coverage is there to ensure that the framework is stable and working as expected.

Tech Stack: Chai, Mocha, NodeJS