What is it like to work with Serbian software developers?


If you’ve ever had a chance to watch a USA movie mentioning Serbia or Serbian people - you’d had a chance to see that they are usually portrayed as villains with a strong accent.

If you are thinking the same about Serbian developers, we can’t blame you. You probably didn’t have a chance to learn about the Balkans, and we are here to help you picture what your collaboration with Serbian developers would look like.

Since we spend the biggest portion of our working time working with people from the USA, Central Europe, and Scandinavian countries, we are aware that you have a lot of unanswered questions and we will try to solve your dilemmas.

Why is Serbia a preferred place for IT services?

Despite its size, Serbia is among the top 50 software exporters in the world, and this trend is constantly on the rise. More and more companies are relocating their offices in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Kragujevac.

Serbia is home to many world-class IT experts, scientists, and mathematicians… And it’s safe to say that this European country aims to become the next IT talent hotspot in the world.

With the combination of high levels of deep technical knowledge, impeccable English, and affordable rates - choosing Serbia as the place for IT activities just makes economic sense.

Culture fit

Thanks to rapidly evolving information and communication technologies, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. This means that globalization is helping us remove multiple barriers, such as cultural differences.

In Serbia, we are trying to respect our traditions and save the language, and our culture, but we have to admit that globalization and information accessibility have influenced the population.

Serbian people grow up absorbing western culture, language and work ethics via television, music, and education.

If you were on the fence about hiring Serbian developers because of the cultural differences, we have to say that not many things differ between western and eastern work ethics and habits.

If you are interested in finding more about the processes and workflows when working with Serbian IT teams, feel free to check out this article.

Satisfying time zone

Working remotely, in different time zones, when you have never worked with foreign people before can be merciless.

You can have difficulties syncing up, or having constant collaboration.

Serbia is located in a GMT+2 time zone which gives us little to no difference in time with the majority of European cities and significant overlapping business hours with many US cities.

With so many IT experts in Serbia, people here learned how to get comfortable with working in different time zones. This especially comes in handy when it comes to deadlines and meetings because the client doesn’t have to calculate the time when the project or the team will be available.

Impeccable English

One of the biggest barriers preventing businesses from searching for talents overseas is the language.

Great communication is an essential tool for increasing productivity and better project collaboration. This applies to every single industry, and software development is no different.

Even though the first language in Serbia is Serbian, English is used on a daily basis in business communication.

Serbia is among the top countries in Europe when it comes to English fluency. This means that you won’t be limited when communicating with your team in Serbia.

What’s more, most of the speakers in Serbia have American, British, or neutral accents, so you won’t have any trouble understanding them.

What does working with Serbian software developers look like?

If there’s anything that applies to the majority of Serbs, it’s that we are friendly and caring. Yes, we have ups and downs, but we are team workers and problem solvers by nature. We support each other and we invest ourselves in everything we do.

Even though we come from the same country and work in the same industry, it’s hard to put all Serbian developers in one basket.

We can get quite subjective when it comes to evaluating our work, and the relationship with our clients, that’s why feedback is an essential part of our business.

To make sure that we are being completely open and transparent about working with Serbian software developers, you can read some of the reviews explaining how the project looked like in detail - from the client’s perspective.

The client's monthly profit has tripled since their engagement with Codeus started. Currently, they are developing the third version of the platform. The team provides updates without overwhelming the client Read the full review.

I have never met a web developing company that delivers this kind of customer service. The website is a vital part of the client's business, meeting the expectations of the internal team. Codeus establishes a smooth workflow, adapting to tight deadlines. The team is hard-working, creative, and knowledgeable… Read the full review.

Codeus’ quick work has enabled the client to make daily deployments and scale improvements. They not only communicate well and adhere to the schedule but also maintain an impressive understanding of a complex system and the client’s operations. Their dependability makes for a long-term engagement… Read the full review.

We hope that we’ve managed to present Serbia in the right light, but if you are still on the fence about hiring Serbian software developers or outsourcing your projects, feel free to schedule a meeting where you can meet us, and decide for yourself.

Article published onJuly 15, 2021



Codeus is a vibrant software development firm based in Niš, Serbia. We provide custom software development services, building a variety of advanced and fully customized software solutions.

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