Codeus is now part of the top 7% global software engineering vendors at Pangea


Another great milestone for Codeus! We are honored to announce joining an elite community of the top 7% software engineering vendors.

We are also proud of not only everything we do, but how we operate here at Codeus, and we believe that being part of Pangea community will help us become even more transparent, and show the world who we are.

All roads lead to Pangea

If there are two things that we at Codeus are always looking forward to, it’s certainly joining like-minded communities, and making sure that we are 100% transparent. With Pangea, we realized we can do both.

Even though we heard from fellow vendors that it’s definitely not an easy path, we were determined to go through the verification process.

If you have ever considered joining Pangea, you realize that collecting all the data needed is challenging.

We had to perform in-depth research about our business strategy, culture, technology, human resources, project metrics, and more.

As a result, multiple departments had to be involved in order to gather precise information.

It may sound rigorous and time-consuming, but it was quite beneficial for all of us. We discovered strengths we were not aware of, as well as areas where we could improve. And it was certainly pleasing to go through the feedback of our clients and employees, that we had to collect.

At the very least, we gained enough insights to reassure ourselves that we are headed in the right direction.

Proud to join the community of the top global 7% software engineering vendors.

Finding out that our dedication pays off

For planning growth in a competitive market like software development, gaining insight from clients and employees is essential.

The client experience and a positive working environment have been at the forefront of everything we do since we founded the company, so when we had to measure the team health and client satisfaction in order to join Pangea's community, we knew we would be able to use the information for our growth as well.

With a 9.5/10 rating for client satisfaction, we are extremely pleased to see that all the work we have been doing to create seamless processes, enhance the customer journey, and strive for excellence when it comes to the quality of our solutions is paying off.

It's great to know that our clients recognize our commitment, but we're even more excited about the insights we've gathered from our team.

We believe our people are our biggest asset, and when we receive a 9.7/10 after collecting feedback from the whole team, it is very encouraging.

Building a team of people who actually enjoy coming to the office, where they are offered both freedom and responsibility is not an easy task, so it warms our hearts when we hear them saying something like this:

"At Codeus, I get the chance to learn something new every day. I believe it is the place to be if you want to work on challenging projects with experienced and fun colleagues."

Borislav Stefanovic, back-end developer.

Ready to go even further and become greater

Even though we have achieved a place in the top 7% of global software engineering vendors, it is only the beginning of our journey.

Through Pangea, we were able to present our company transparently, so that everyone could gain insights into our processes, team health, challenges facing us, and progress we are making. And we will continue documenting our journey through Pangea.

Pangea scores are an excellent indicator of our performance, and we’re glad we have a place where we can measure whether we are going in the right direction.

Here’s to more celebratory moments!

Article published onMay 30, 2022



Codeus is a vibrant software development firm based in Niš, Serbia. We provide custom software development services, building a variety of advanced and fully customized software solutions.

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