IT family that cares about your business

Codeus is a vibrant software development firm based in Niš, Serbia. We provide custom software development services and work with both innovative startups and developed enterprises.

We're always up for a challenge

We have an amazing team of developers, all working on-site at our Nis office. Our team of professionals is our warranty of quality and we take pride in providing top-notch service with a true passion for what we do.


Why choose us?

Whether you need to modernize an existing app, build a completely new product from scratch or augment your team - we're here to help you build premium web and mobile solutions.

Technology stack

Everybody is doing PHP and JavaScript but our top-notch developers worked on most challenging websites with this stack.

Excellent price/quality ratio

We focus on quality and go the extra mile to provide greater value while staying on a budget.

Crystal Clear Process

Agile and Scrum methodology and test-driven programming for a transparent and flexible software development process.

Well structured code

Our solutions are highly scalable and we maintain a well-structured software system with clean, well-documented code.


We are a team that can easily adapt to a new project and focus on creating tailored solutions that fit specific business logic.


Serbia has a balance and link between East and West, high English proficiency, favorable time zone, and many tech talents.

Interested in working with us? Let’s work together and create something truly unique.
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